De La Mosaic Thump

14 09 2008

For every caricatured track ‘fiddy‘ churns out, De La Soul offers a creative remedy. Music critic Jim Derogatis is spot on when he writes that the group’s 1989 debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, “stands as one of the most optimistic, life-affirming and wildly creative albums that hip-hop has ever produced”. This week’s edition of Soul sunday celebrates a fly-under-the-radar track from their 2000 Mosaic Thump album, volume 1 in the Art Official Intelligence trilogy.While not a paradigm shifter like say, De La Soul is Dead, two tracks stand out on the album: club anthem “Oooh” (feat. Redman) and party banger “All good” (feat. Chaka Khan). Save for the tiresome skits, De La Soul’s tongue-in-cheek, mild-mannered style reached full maturity on this album with intelligent raps over precision beats. Propelled by a catchy Marvin Gaye sample, “With me” is a prime example of De La’s superb flow and clever lyricism. Hip hop speaks to my soul, de la that is.

De La Soul – With Me (Tommy Boy, 2000)

Purchase on Amazon or sample (in lower quality) on Zshare.




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