A short history of Ironman triathlon

25 08 2008

1974 – first recorded use of the word “triathlon” in the multisport sense
1978 – 15 men start and 12 finish the first Ironman race in Hawaii
1982 – Julie Moss crawls to the finish line
1984 – Dave Scott breaks the 9 hour mark
1989 – Mark Allen sets the IM run record – a 2:40:04 marathon
1992 – Paula Newby-Fraser becomes the first woman to break 9 hours (8:55:28)
1996 – Luc Van Lierde sets the Hawaii course record at 8:04:08
1997 – Luc Van Lierde breaks the 8 hour mark (7:50:27) at IM Germany
2004 – Paula Newby-Fraser caps a record-setting 24th IM race victory
2006 – Normann Stadler sets the Hawaii bike record: 4:18:23
2008 – Stefaan Engels breaks the record for most IM races in a year: 15, and counting!

Sources: 220triathlon.com, Wikipedia, USA triathlon



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