Money time

21 08 2008

Time is money (courtesy: Erwin)

8 months and change. That’s how much time I have left before my self-imposed PhD submission deadline of April 1, 2009. No teaching for me this year, so I should be able to write all day, everyday. Yeah, right. In reality, I’ll be heeding Mary Bucholtz’ advice (pdf):

  • Reflect on (and write about) your role in interviews and interaction—you’re a part of the data
  • There’s no such thing as perfect data (or “bad” data)—work with what you have, not what you wish you had
  • Don’t try to make things too tidy; Real life is complicated—don’t try to tie up the loose ends and messiness (they’re the beginning of your next project!)

I’m promising myself and my loved ones to take plenty of time off from academia when all is said and done, i.e. after my public defense. Sounds naïve, no?




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