Mediadefender to the rescue?

17 08 2008

Don’t really know what to make of Mediadefender. The L.A.-based “leading provider of anti-piracy solutions” floods P2P networks with fake files in an attempt to stymie (illegal) movie and music downloads. As reported on “Unlike DRM providers that focus on protecting the product, MediaDefender tries to protect the distribution channel—and only for a limited time.”

While I am aware that my Soul Sunday posts encourage file sharing, I like to think that these posts generate interest – and possibly also a few sales. The same goes for music I download; if I like the artist, I’ll buy some of her/his work. More importantly, we live in a hypermediated world where content ownership, authenticity and creativity have become fluid rather than fixed notions (cf. the work of David Weinberger, Mark Deuze and Michael Wesch, to name just a few).




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