The indexicality of javelin

12 08 2008

In linguistic anthropology (and other forms of linguistically sensitive social science), indexicality is:

“the semiotic operation of juxtaposition, whereby one entity or event points to another. The basic insight, first developed by semiotician Charles Peirce, is that some signs, which he called indices, function via repeated and non-accidental cooccurrence: smoke is an index of fire, clouds of rain.”

(Bucholtz & Hall 2004: 378)

I predict that, after the Beijing Olympics, javelin throwing will index female beauty. That of Leryn Franco of Paraguay to more precise. She has a calendar out.

Leryn Franco (by Martin M. Crespo)

Leryn Franco (by Martin M. Crespo)

I rest my case.

  • Bucholtz, Mary and Hall, Kira (2004). Language and Identity. In Alessandro Duranti (ed.), A Companian to Linguistic Anthropology 369-394. Oxford: Blackwell.



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