Inside the Sporza newsroom

10 08 2008

Sporza is Belgium’s state-sponsored sports multimedia brand. According to its boilerplate, Sporza’s core values are: achievement, passion and participation. I’m sure all station employees embody these values, so I can only imagine how one of the newsroom planning meetings went down.

(Sports editor-in-chief) Ronald: “Okay boys and girls, let’s go over the schedule for Day 2 of the Beijing Olympics.”
(Sports editor) Kenny: “There’s the qualifying round of the gymnastics tournament.”
(Sports editor) Bart: “And let’s not forget the Grand Prix race in the Czech Republic.”
(Television editor) Fred: “Sure, but what about the redeem team in its first Olympic outing against hometeam China and crowd favorite Yao Ming? Shouldn’t we pay attention to this?”
Ronald: “Basketball? Give me one reason why we should air this.”
Kenny: “Ronald is right, Fred. It’s not like these opening games matter or anything.”
Fred: “Whaddayamean, this game is billed as one of the most anticipated Olympic basketball games in history!?”
Bart: “Are you on your period, Fred?”
Kenny (giggling): “C’mon Fred, it’s the women’s gymnastics tournament. Surely our viewers won’t expect us to air some basketball game.”
Ronald: “Okay, that’s settled then. Gymnastics from 2 to 5:30pm with motor racing highlights in between. Any other business?”
Bart: “Can Fred go to the bathroom?”




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