TriKa 2.0

27 07 2008

10 months of preparation. 2 days of playing Bob the builder. 1 transition area. 1 VIP area. 2 bouncy castles. 1 large, sweaty registration tent. 286 registered athletes. 216 competitors. 193 finishers. 100kg of bananas, apples and oranges. More Kossaat than you can imagine. 2 fantastic winners in Sofie Goos and Marc Geerts. 50ish budding triathletes (age 6-12) crossed the finish line. Race results (.pdf) and 1,159 race pics online. 3 very tired race organizers hope to see all 2,000 of you again in 2009.




2 responses

14 08 2008
High & floatin’ « Tom Van Hout

[…] athlete feedback we’re gettin’ on our second race floats my boat. Long live […]

25 07 2009
TriKa 3.0 race preview « Tom Van Hout

[…] 1. Sofie Goos (currently Belgium’s top female triathlete, TriKa 2.0 winner) 2. Alexandra Tondeur (up and coming race talent) 3. Joke Coysman (consistent […]

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