Race report: Aarschot

21 07 2008

Sore bliss. That’s how I would describe my post-race feeling in Aarschot yesterday. I enjoyed the race tremendously, despite lousy weather conditions and not so perfect pre-race time management. Bought a new race top 60 minutes before the start, placed my running shoes in T2, ate, cycled to T1 in the pouring rain and swam to the start. 5 minutes later, off we went.

  • swim: 2050m in 38:40 (113th position)
    3 loops, with a beach exit after each loop just for good measure. I wasn’t looking forward to the swim leg, but immediately found my rhythm in the clear water and put my boxing out skills on display after every buoy turn. During my second loop, it started raining hard, adding a surreal touch to the scenery. In my mind, I relived Erykah Badu’s concert in Ghent. Hip hop IS bigger than religion.

  • bike: 60k in 1:45:36 (78th position)
    Wind, rain, hills, who cares. I was happy to be on the bike and started eating and drinking right away. Juiced up and ready to go, I pushed my bike hard but played it safe during climbs and descents. Saw at least 15 people with flats.

  • run: 15k in 1:17:04 (5:08/km, 175th position)
    After a quick T2, I was on my way for a 15km run. And whaddayaknow, I found my stride right from the start. If I take the whiz break out of the equation, I should come close to my race goal of running 5′ kilometers. Blazing speed it ain’t, but consistency is a nice consolation price.

Crossed in the finish line in 3:41:20, claiming 122nd position overall (241 finishers) and feeling on top of the earth. I ran a consistent race, felt relaxed throughout and had a good time. Yay. Thank you Hilde & Dirk for for the nutritional advice and bike check. And a massive thank you also to my missus, who once again looked after the kids while daddy was out racing. Results can be found here (.pdf).

Wine gums, tri version

Wine gums, tri version




2 responses

22 07 2008
Mark van Muylem

Bliss was the overall feeling after finishing the run, this 1/3 is a hell of a lot harder than most 1/2 Ironman races I did before! Congrats Tom, nice result after this hard day at the office!

22 07 2008
Tom Van Hout

Thanks, Mark. 1/2 Ironman. That’s my race goal next year! But first another winter of LSD running. And swimming.

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