Small and slow does it

7 07 2008

Aloxe is now live from Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall, Benazir Bhutto’s alma mater. It is so pretty here that only the poshest of registers suffice. I was surprised to learn that most of the participants have backgrounds in social science (health, education) rather than linguistics. Anyway, it’s a wonderfully diverse, international (from Cameroon to New Zealand) and mature audience, with widely varying research interests. This makes for a very stimulating intellectual environment.

The first day of the training course kicked off with a very engaging lecture on linguistic ethnography by intellectual heavyweight Ben Rampton. The afternoon session, led by Ben Rampton, Jan “Discourse” Blommaert, Celia Roberts, Adam Lefstein and Jeff Bezemer kept the momentum going with a three-pronged analytical preview of what’s to come. A job interview data session glanced over the ins and outs of

  • micro-analysis (go “small and slow”)
  • multimodal analysis (think gaze, gesture, body position)
  • transcontextual analysis (hello, translocal social relations)

Following small-group discussions, I checked out my new surroundings with a hard run in the lovely Oxford University Parks. Oh, the grandeur.

Oxford University Parks by Jeremy Johns

Picture by Jeremy Johns




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