Race report: Eeklo

30 06 2008

Competed in the first ever Rhino triathlon in Eeklo yesterday, a non-drafting race (1000-38-10) organized by my training buddy Luc De Wispelaere. If Daniel Berkowitz can talk about what-a-story news, then I’d like to coin the phrase what-a-race: well-organized, a gorgeous yet venomous bike course, friendly folk and lots of sunshine. This was good, clean tri fun in the sun. With a total time of 2:09:09, I placed 52nd overall (165 finishers) and managed a PB in a non-drafting race. I could get used to this.

  • Swim (1000m): meandered my way to a respectable 15:47 in a very scenic pleasure boat marina. I am clueless as to why it took me 30″ longer in Bruges last week. Managed a quick T1 despite feeling light-headed.
  • Bike (38km): Roger “the original one minute man” De Vlaeminck’s old stomping grounds are a bitch: never ending winding roads where the wind seems to come from everywhere but never from behind. My legs didn’t have as much juice as they had last week but I felt confident throughout. My nutrition plan worked well.
  • Run (10km): for the first time in 7 races, I ran a stomach cramp free 47:44 (T2 included). Yay! The only thing I did differently was warm up for an hour. Dunno if that made a difference. If only I’d learn to run economically; my stride resembles that of a rhinoceros instead of a gazelle.

rhino running

This was a well-organized race in a very pretty setting. If you enjoy battling the elements, then register for this race next year. Last but not least, a big thank you to Ellen and the kids for cheering me on.




2 responses

2 07 2008


congratulations with your results at the Rhino Triathlon in Eeklo.

Please, can you explain “the original one minute man”, just curious….


2 07 2008
Tom Van Hout

Hi John. Thanks for your comment. While describing his favorite sexual position in an – now legendary – interview, Roger De Vlaeminck disclosed that he climaxes quicker than his shadow.

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