Gentle mastership in person

11 06 2008

I am now a reborn cyclist, thanks to position specialist Gerard Bullen’s expert advice and elaborate bike adjustments (cleats, stem, aerobar, handlebar, shifters, saddle). It’s quite an experience to go through his “world-renowned” measuring protocol. Mr. Bullen speaks with the kind of self-confidence that comes on a person who knows he’s right.

His gentle mastership is unsettling (“In the position you’re in, you’re killing your achilles’ tendons”) and reassuring (“You should now go 2km/h faster”) at the same time. The ethnographic experience in itself was well worth the trip to Bullen’s neck of the woods. I hope my revamped bike position will eliminate the stomach cramps I get during races.

Some more links on bike positioning here and here.




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22 06 2008
Race report: Brugge « Tom Van Hout

[…] With the wind on my tail, my speedometer never dipped below 42km/h during the final 20km. Thank you Gerard Bullen for the improved position and thank you Jef Vermeiren for the new cassette and […]

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