9 06 2008

Back from wonderful Vittel. Spent a superb week in the equally superb company of my kids, my missus and 600 acres of lush Club Med digs. I don’t care much for Alsacian wines, but those landscapes, oh my. I was so inspired that I was pulled over by the local gendarmerie while I was blissfully cruisin’ along the Epinal highway. “Bonjour monsieur, qu’esque vous faites ici?”

Wholesome family fun in Vittel Le Parc.

Picture taken atop the Col de Wettstein. The Col de la Schlucht is just around the bend.

This is what clip-on aerobars are really made for. I had one of best training weeks ever. Long runs, long swims, long rides. Weight sessions and plenty of rest, recovery and all-you-can-eat buffets. Gran turismo.



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