When the east is in the house

6 06 2008

Put out the word/
Blahzay has emerged/
Surged, most prefered/
from the verbs and words/
I’m finesse, try your best/
to diagnose, when I host/
you get roast, toast/
baked, grilled, boiled/
when I rumble, you crumble/

I am not the first to wax poetic about Blahzay Blahzay’s crazy flow and samples but I do know this. In the intertextual playground that 90s hip hop was, few club anthems generated so much hoopla as “When the East is the house, oh my god, Danger!”. When PF Cuttin’ has Jeru the Damaga, Q-Tip & Ol’ Dirty Bastard bellow out their nasal war chant, head nodding invariably ensues. Classic hip hop at its best.



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