Love theme from 1950 Pomerol

11 05 2008

With April being jazz celebration month, a Soul sunday tribute to one of “the great living masters and innovators in the African American tradition of autophysiopsychic music — that which comes from one’s spiritual, physical and emotional self” is well over due. Yusef Lateef is his name, musical perfection his game. A master of woodwind instruments, Yusef plays the oboe on this astounding rendition of the Love theme from Spartacus. Mesmerizing.

Equally astonishing was the wine we consumed tonight: a 1950 (!) Pomerol 1er cru. This wine is such a sensory delight that the pompous register of wine language does not do it any justice. Instead, a shift into an anthropological mode is more appropriate. Tasting this wine is a rich point – an unexpected moment of insight, one that shatters previously held assumptions about drinking old wine.

1950 Domaine de l'Eglise Pomerol 1er cru

Yuseef Lateef – Love theme from Spartacus (Prestige, 1961).

Purchase on Amazon or sample on zshare.




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