Race report Lebbeke

20 04 2008

A somewhat unusual race format in Lebbeke (a 500m swim in the morning, followed by an afternoon 20k bike leg and 5k run) turned out to be a great way to spend a Sunday. My race goals were simple: swim hard, bike hard and run a negative split. Unfortunately, my race plan didn’t work out as I swam a pedestrian 8’20”. I know I can knock off at least another 20″ on 500m. Yada yada. Hurried back home and took the kids to a brunch where Nic won the first prize in a lottery. Yay!

The bike leg went better. I knew the course and saved energy where I could. Looked all gravy in my new helmet. Amy does too.

A quick T2 gave way to an all too common observation: the notion of running economy is completely foreign to me. Even though I did run a negative split, running does not come easy to me. Sigh. Cycled home, showered and took the kids to the Palm breweries, where Nic got a taste of life as a motorcop.

Results (.pdf) can be found here. Pictures to follow.



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