Spring resolution

24 03 2008

Write, sleep, train: these are my three priorities for the next 5 months. For once, I will resist the temptation of procrastination in an effort to churn out as many PhD chapters/papers as possible, either on location (Ghent, Lake Donk, Milan, Oxford, Zomergem) or at home. I’m gunning for 4 weekdays of (ahem) unbridled creativity, focus and productivity. Regular training, cooking and family time sessions should counter the side effects of frustration, absentmindedness and moodswings. And if that doesn’t help, I’ll resort to wine, music & nookie, in no particular order.

Picture taken by Jos D. at the Olympia Natuurloop. I competed in the 4k race. Clean fun in lousy weather conditions.




One response

27 03 2008

Sounds like a plan !

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