Monocépages galore

2 03 2008

Organized a birthday/wine tasting party for my missus. We tasted no fewer than eleven monocépage (single grape) wines: five Italian whites and six classic meet the family reds. Tasting notes after the jump.

1. Falanghina2006 Feudi Di San Gregorio | Feudi | A pale, straw yellowish color gives way to a subtle nose of fruits and flowers, announcing a complex, mineral palate and a crisp, lively finish that fades ever so gently. Risotto, anyone?

      2. Verdicchio2006 Verdicchio di Matelica | Bisci | A pale yellow hue that tastes dry, medium-bodied on the palate with lovely structure and deep mineral overtones. A discovery.

      3. Garganega – 2006 Soave Classico | Pieropan | An early favorite. Rich light golden color with a delicate nose of white flowers and almonds. Boast an outspoken mineral comlexity that guarantees a generous finish. Quality wine.

      4. Chardonnay2007 Chardonnay delle Venezie | Corte Giara | Straw yellow in color with buttery hues, this wine offers a delicate nose of melon and pears and a dry, well-rounded palate with good acidity and a balanced finish. The clear favorite – and deservedly so.

      5. Greco – 2005 Greco di Tufo | Di Meo | A mineral, honey perfume (disturbed by a stale odor) leading to a medium-bodied palate, with fresh acidity and a mature finish. Failed to live up to its DOCG appellation and pricetag.



      As for the reds, we tasted 3 siblings: a younger brother and an older brother of a Sangiovese, Merlot and Pinot Noir.


      1a. 2006 Rosso di Montalcino | Cantina di Montalcino | A deep, lucid cherry red with a purple hue that follows through to persistent aromas of red fruits and oak barrels. An athletic powerhorse with spicy notes and a long, varied finish that will partner terrifically with most red meats. Can stand some ageing, but is very much enjoyable now.

      1b. 2001 Brunello di Montalcino | Villa al Cortile | A deep blackberry red that veers towards a brownish hue with a sophisticated nose of spices and berries. A wonderfully balanced body with a delightful finish. Can be drunk now (may I suggest game fowl?) but will age wonderfully over the next 10 to 15 years.

      Pinot Noir

      2a. 2004 Aloxe-Corton | Jean-Luc Maldant | A pale red hue with a concentrated nose of plum, cherries and licorice. Wonderfully complex: subtle yet robust and long lasting. A well-balanced, noble wine that will only improve with cellaring. Will be at its finest around 2015.

      2b. 1995 Corton-Renardes | Maillard P&F | A pale, brownish color with a somewhat more neutral nose than its baby brother. Flirts with chocolate hues and opens up to an outstanding palate and an everlasting finish. A wine that makes the world a better place. Instantly. Drink now.


      3a. 2005 Les Romains | 2soleils | An otherworldly Vin de Pays: A deep rich ruby robe sets the stage for a delicate nose with hints of vanilla, cherries and berries that melts away for a long, savory finish. Enjoyable now but will come into its own in another 3 to 5 years. Unbeatable price & quality. Applause.


      3b. 2000 Château Mazeyres Pomerol | Mazeyres | A dark ruby red color with a silky nose and a full-bodied, well-balanced finesse finish. Dense and mouthfilling. Can easily cellar for another 10 years. However, at 34 euro, overpriced.




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      1 12 2008
      Bert Corton

      I’m proud of it.

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