The sounds of tenderness

19 02 2008

When the Saint Amour lecture tour comes to town, I put my love/hate relationship with literature on hold. I ignore the unbearable redundancy of literary theory and take in a multingual and multimedia evening of lectures on love and tenderness. Last year’s edition was a bit racy and lost steam halfway through the show. This year’s line-up consisted of a motley crew of actors, singers, writers and poets from Iraq, the States, The Netherlands, France and Belgium who were visibly tired but still kicked ass. Some highlights after the jump.

  • Stijn Vranken: verbal acrobat, author of the ultimate pick-up line: ‘Je hebt mooie benen als je lacht’.
  • Rodaan Al Galidi: his charming presence and heartwarming biography instantly won the crowd over. Spoke the most endearing Arabic I have ever heard.
  • Donald ‘meathead’ Antrim: master of suggestive sound symbolism and intonation.
  • Bernard Dewulf: his tales of family life are a highly recognizable and painfully accurate delight.



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