Soul Sunday Shakedown

17 02 2008

Ladies and gents, it gives me great pleasure to give the Soul Sunday floor to Brian, my homie from Texas. He knows how to break bricks, pumped ATCQ in his Mustang back in the day and has a way with words. Dig in.

This finger-licking-good Bob Marley track, Soul Shakedown Party, brings out the soulful side of reggae. Poignant lyrics combined with the rich, harmonious tones of Marley’s voice make this one of my all time favorite tracks. Marley’s effortlessly soulful hits will be remembered by everyone from his proud Jamaican countrymen to frat boys for decades to come–and in remixes from devoted fans and influenced musicians. Concentrate and feel the vibrations of the soulful sounds that are Bob Marley.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Soul shakedown party (Prime Cuts, 1995)

Youtube it here or download the Afrodisiac Soundsystem remix here.




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