Eifel hideaway

12 01 2008

Spent the night in Daun, a small resort town in the West German hill country known as the Eifel. Wellness treatments for the missus, cycling for me. Random notes:

  • Eifel. Great place to visit. Friendly folk, fair cuisine, good service, lush surroundings, lots of space, peace and quiet.
  • Ideal location for burning fat. The hotel, which sat atop a 1k, 13% incline, had a pool, weight room, indoor cycling area and various running trails.
  • Just down the road was a 400m, 21% monster which I climbed once before wisely calling it a day.
  • Dined on goat cheese salad, sirloin steak and a soul-warming (and wildly underpriced) 2000 Hautes Côtes de Beaune.
  • Paid a quick visit to the Ring on the way home before releasing my inner-Stig on the Autobahn.




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