manifesto for soul

5 01 2008

Defining music genres is a futile exercise but let’s ignore this truism as I enlighten you with another. You could say that soul music is the musical expression of 20th century (black) experience. Of course, the same goes for jazz, hip hop and R&B, save for the commercialism that has plagued the latter two ever since Vanilla Ice rocked the mic like a vandal. However, what defines soul music more often than not IMHO is the same quality that propels ethnographic curiosity:

the irreducibility of the human experience … a unique sense of embodied existence and consciousness captured.

(Willis & Trondman 2000: 5)

Soul Sunday is a celebration of this type of ‘lived knowledge’ and universally shared emotions that are central to the music: struggle, faith, resistance, freedom, joy, pain, love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Don’t look for order, logic or exhaustiveness. Just a weekly earful of soulfulness. Enjoy.

Willis, Paul and Trondman, Mats (2000). Manifesto for Ethnography. Ethnography 1, 5-16.




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