hyperbaric exhaustion

13 12 2007

Athletes Care has just installed a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber, ideal for high altitude training and endurance testing. I did the latter at an altitude of 2500m. The test protocol was simple: run on a treadmill to exhaustion. Every minute, the speed was increased by 1.5 km/h. I maxed out at 189bpm and 19.5 km/h. Endurance tests are like teachers’ comments on report cards in high school: confronting (lactic acid build-up is a bitch), humbling (do I really weigh 85.9 kilos?) but oh so informative.

PS: At the risk of sounding naive, but is there anything more carcinogenic than those “superfast” stand-up tanning booths we saw in the health center where we showered afterwards?




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