entextualization, anyone?

6 12 2007

Ever tried to tell a joke you’ve heard somewhere? That’s entextualization; extracting discourse from its original context and then re-inserting it into a new context. Journalists and rappers live by it, students forget about it. Whereas most references to source material are left out in student papers news texts (apart from the byline), audience recognition of lyrical and electronic samples defines hip hop music. Students, take notice: don’t fake the funk. Cite your sources.

Cue taken from: Hess, Mickey (2006). Was Foucault a plagiarist? Hip-hop sampling and academic citation. Computers and Composition 23, 280-295.



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8 10 2008
Can you dig it? This ukelele orchestra can « Tom Van Hout

[…] pop culture, intertextuality is a form of aesthetic play involving the extraction (decontextualization) of meaning from one […]

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