I feel so good today

4 12 2007

Am in a Ben Westbeech kinda mood.

  • Had an eye-opening sitdown with writing research masterminds Luuk & Mariëlle. Very inspiring.
  • Stumbled on some fan-tas-tic soul classics, courtesy of Milk Crate Breaks. Highly recommended.
  • BBE emailed to confirm shipment of ?uestlove’s Babies makin’ babies. They found a copy after all.
  • Ran 40′ down memory lane in downtown Antown. Traversed the red light district, gawking at heroine blondes & overweight mommas while dodging greasy-haired 40 year olds in turtleneck sweaters lookin’ to bust a nut after work, enjoyed the grandeur of the Voetgangerstunnel and made my way back to campus via the Grand Market. Antwaarpe represent!

Today was a good day.





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27 01 2008
Soul Sunday pretends « Tom Van Hout

[…] be overstated. The good people at BBE have sold out their entire stock (guess who bought the last copy?) but have just released volume […]

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