LSD is a mutha

29 11 2007

If aerobic base training is the daddy of endurance sports, then I’m the bastard son of lactic acid and anaerobic conditioning. In a futile attempt to break the magical 4’/km threshold during 10k triathlon runs, I’ve been on a strict diet of three to four LSD workouts – long slow distance, the magic formula of triathlon training – per week during the last two months. My conclusion so far: I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to long distance running.

Since I’ve got a 10k race coming up in three weeks, this week is hell: 5 running sessions, a two-hour spinning class and a basketball workout. Got an uptempo training session planned with my homie B-Styles in Ghent. 1h20 LSD with six 3′ intervals. Bring the pain.

update: ran 58′ in the rain, squeezing out 4 intervals on wooden legs.




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