weight gain, NBA style

18 11 2007

Exhibit 304b showing that steroid use runs rampant in my favorite professional sports league. Greg Oden, the nr. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft, has a bum knee and will not play this season. However, he has started pumpin’ iron. CNNSI reports that “The 7-footer looked chiseled and has gained nearly 30 pounds of muscle — all in the upper body — since he was drafted.”

Oden, the youngest 35 year old this side of Bart de Graaff, was drafted first overall on June 28, 2007. He played in 2 games in the Las Vegas Summer League before undergoing tonsillectomy on July 14. Citing health concerns, he withdrew from Team USA training on August 13 and underwent microfracture knee surgery on Sept. 13. Following the procedure, Oden was on crutches until Nov. 8. In between, he somehow gained 30 pounds of muscle. In the upper body. Sure.




One response

20 11 2007

Fully agree. 🙂 Anyway, I like what you do here. Nice writing. And thanks for the music links!
How about we meet up again sometime soon?
Take it easy.

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